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​Finally :  Get More Sales For Your Kindle Books By ​Reverse-Engineering Your Competition With A Push of A Button With This Easy to Use App!

The best part? ​​It’s actually very simple! And, So simple in fact, a brain dead monkey could do it!


  •   Easy to Use & 100% Newbie Friendly
  • ​  Perform Intelligent competitive analysis
  •   Perform Intelligent market research
  •     Easily bank more profits by studying your competition
  •   Get more sales & more revenue for your books


A vast majority of publishers on Kindle STRUGGLE to get sales although their books are well-written.

​However, their competitors are generating a lot of income with their poorly written books.

​​If you are facing the same situation then, what I am about to REVEAL to you will be a GAME-CHANGER for youwhen it comes to getting the kind of ​money you want from your books.

​And when I applied the same strategy for me and my clients, I noticed a MASSIVE SPIKE in the sales and revenue.

That’s why I created a custom software tool to automate this process for which you can see a demo on this page.

​So, don’t be a part of the losing majority feeling dejected ​thinking that your books are not meeting the reader’s expectations, when the truth of the matter is  — the reverse is true!

Mistake # 1:  They do not focus on Book Descriptions!

Most publishers go out of the way to ensure that their keyword research and keyword titles are outstanding and compelling. They even go through multiple covers before they decide on the one that looks eye-catchy.

But they overlook the most important part — Book descriptions!

Don’t get me wrong — the book covers, titles and the keyword research do play a part in the customer’s journey to buy your book but at the the very end of their buying cycle, book descriptions play the biggest role to help close the sale.

Book Descriptions are like the sales letter for your books and unlike what you think they are not meant to be written like a summary for your books at all.

Sadly, 99% of books on kindle have terrible descriptions.

That’s why vast majority of sales is concentrated with a small group of authors or publishers because their book descriptions are compelling and captivating.

Mistake # 2 :  They do not Study The Market!

If you know what your Market wants — it’s simple, you can sell them what they need.

​This is probably the simplest business model in the whole world!

​But sadly most authors make assumptions about the market when they should not be trying to make any kind of assumptionin the first place.

​They do not take the time to understand the kind of problems their market is facing and even how the market talks about it’s problems.

Understanding all of the above  along with the market’s hopes, fears, desires can help them write better book descriptions and get more sales.

Mistake # 3:  They do not ​study their competitors!

While most publishers do not take the time to study the market , what’s even worse is they totally ignore what their competitor’s are doing!

​And this can lead to DISASTROUS results and no wonder they don’t make any sales.

​No matter how well-versed you are with your niche,if you don’t take the time to study your competition, you cannot know what niches are performing well and what are not.

​And once again you cannot make assumptions about​ your competitors.

Sadly, many authors even attempt niches where no healthy competition exists.

​While this can sometimes by sheer luck help you ​dominate a niche, but not always. Competition is in fact a good indicator of how well a particular niche is performing and having an healthy overdose of competition is a good thing.

So, Why Am I saying all this?Because the results speak for themselves

And Here’s Why :

So Imagine… if your books could achieve similar results, how much extra money can you make? 

                                            ​By not focusing on your book descriptions, you are leaving a lot of money on the table                                                                                       And it all starts by understanding your market & your competitors. ​                                                                              And that’s why I have created this software that will help you get more sales for your books



Now intelligent competiton & market research for your books at your fingertips!

Watch This Live Demo   

​I will​ take you by the hand and show you how you can EASILY discover potetial untapped niches in no time using Descripto


Bottom Line:

​A Brain-Dead Simple Way to Get More Sales For Your Books

​ Check Out These Awesome Features:

                                                            ​Instantly Harvest all of your competitor’s book                                                          descriptions via the kindle API  & perform unlimited number​                                                         of searches.                                                               ​                                                                                                 ​                                                                             

                                                         Analyze  Your competitor’s descriptions graphically  and also you can sort the result                                                          in  ascending or descending order for more analysis.

                                                                   ​                                                                  View All of Your Competitor’s Descriptions , both the plain                                                                             description  & also  their HTML  description in a separate panel.

                               ​​​                                                                               ​     Visit  the author profile and also read the actual description of your competitors​                               ​    ​     directly from the UI !​

​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Save & Export All Data ​ of your competitor’s descriptions  and also  other useful information                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  such as their sales rank, titles & author profile                                                                                                                                                                                                          ​

Simply Choose The Version Below to Get Started

Instance 1

  • ​3 PC License
  • ​Harvest unlimited Descriptions From Both Paperbacks & Ebooks Section
  • ​View Both The HTML & Plain Descriptions of Your Competitor’s
  • ​Analyze Your Competitor’s Descriptions Graphically
  • ​Sort Your Competitor’s Sales Rank in ascending or descending order
  • ​View & Export All The Results!

  • ​1 PC License
  • ​All other features same as Descripto Pro

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      We have spent lot of time & money in this App for which we could Easily charge 3 or 4 times the         price & for a one-time measly payment today , you could EASILY recover your investment back many times over using this App!Plus :  You are also fully covered by our 30 days No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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                                                                                                         Frequently Asked Questions

​​What do I need to run the software?

​​This will run on any Windows machine and requires the .net framework & microsoft visual distributable 2015 (free). If you would like to run this on a Mac then you will require Parallels or something equivalent

​​​​Are Updates Included?

​Yes both Pro & Lite will be updated and you will receive them automatically

How Many Computers Can i install The Software On?

​The Pro Version Can Be Installed in 3 Computers & Lite version in 1 computer

​What’s The Refund Policy?

​We offer a 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee