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YouTube True View Ads can generate high ROI for marketers.

You need 500-1000 placements to Test An In-stream AD Campaign.

Finding such placements is time-consuming because not all video and channel owners allow monetization.

TubeTron takes the hard work out of it by finding such placements using your custom YouTube API

Abdulrahim Muhaz
youtube ads expert

Find Monetized Videos With A Push Of A Button 

The Key To Dominate Your Competition

Harvest targeted key phrases that people are actively searching in YouTube and Google from over 84 countries.

 Tube Tron will also give you option to append additional search parameters before or after your keywords to uncover more long-tail low competition keywords.

You also get the additional option to perform a wildcard search with the Google search engine.

Finally you can use these keywords to search for monetized videos or target these keywords directly in your YouTube campaigns.

Use Your Own Custom YouTube API

Get all the data straight from the horse's mouth.

Using Tube Tron's "Custom API Access" feature, you can now harvest all of your competitor's videos and channels at the push of a button.

Don't fret over the technical details. Follow the detailed step-by-step training to connect your custom YouTube API by creating a project in your Google API console.

Hi-Jack Your Competitor's High-Traffic Videos

Imagine being to harvest hundreds of high-traffic videos for a variety of niches like "baking, how to build website, digital photography" and everything else under the sun?

Not only can you find hundreds of relevant videos that allow monetization within a matter of minutes, and in just 3 easy steps, but you can gather all the data by connecting your own custom YouTube API.

But it doesn’t stop there ! You can also key in a related video or a channel ID to uncover more potential placements for you to target, giving you an instant edge over your competition.

Hi-Jack Your Competitor's High-Traffic Channels

Do you follow any popular celebrity or topic’s channel that has millions of subscribers or views?

What if you could simply hijack their traffic by choosing to show your video in front of their high traffic channels?

Tube Tron will not only help you to reverse-engineer any channel under the sun, but you can also extract all the videos of the channel that allows monetization.

Video Information For Any Video

Want to gather all of the information from any video under the sun? No problem.

Using Tube Tron's "Video Information" feature, you can key in a video ID to find all the information pertaining to the video such as the title, description,tags, view count, published date, duration, channel name, likes & dislikes.

Tube Tron will also analyze whether the video allows monetization or not.

Powerful Intuitive Dashboard

Want an easy way to manage all of your results? No problem.

Save all your videos, keywords and channels to targeting groups inside of campaigns.

Tube Tron will give you a quick snapshot of your latest keywords videos and channels. You can also see a graphical overview of your campaigns.

Hi-Jack Your Competitor's Video Traffic 

Believe it or not Video SEO is a pain.

Why try hard to rank videos? What if you could simply hijack your competitor’s videos and put your own Video ADS in front of their high traffic videos?  You can easily target your competitor’s videos and channels using  'placements targeting' inside of YouTube ADS to get targeted traffic for pennies!

The problem is that not all videos or channels allow monetization. If you try do this process manually (to find the videos that allow monetization) then it's quite a labor intensive and time-consuming process as you will have to check each and every video.

 Tube Tron allows you to automate this process, and the best part is you can focus on the most important task of running your video campaigns rather than do the cumbersome task of spending hours to find monetized videos yourself.

TubeTron is for you if you are..

a blogger


In Facebook and Instagram you are interrupting people while advertising. Whereas in YouTube you are targeting people in the very moment that they actually want what you have got to offer. As a blogger, you can thus generate more traffic for your blogs using TubeTron.

E-commerce Marketers

Imagine if you sell toys on your shopify store. Imagine if you could advertise on top of YouTube videos right when someone is searching for "birthday gift ideas for boys." You can thus get creative using TubeTron & get more sales for your eCommerce products.

CPA Marketers

CPA marketers can benefit hugely using TubeTron because you're advertising to people who are actively looking for a solution to a problem. You no longer have to figure out who would want to buy your product and place your CPA offers in the exact moment they are searching for what you have to offer.

Local Marketing Agency

If you are an agency managing the channels of your clients, you can definitely benefit using TubeTron. People are doing a lot of searches to get educated to solve their problems in YouTube. Imagine if you could advertise your client's products or service when someone is watching a video that offers a solution to their problem.

Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketers can benefit immensely with TubeTron. All affiliate marketers are focusing on Facebook and Instagram and everything is getting crowded over there. If you do not use Tubetron to get more traffic from YouTube using videos, you will get left behind once competition starts increasing in YouTube.

Anyone Who Needs Traffic

Whatever it is you do online, you need traffic. By dialing in more eyeballs to your website you can make more money. Video will represent 82% of all traffic online in 2021. YouTube is only selling 30% of their advertising space. This is why you need to CAPITALIZE on YouTube right now using TubeTron.


Time Saver

You don't have to spend hours of your time looking for monetized videos. Using Tube Tron you can automate this cumbersome task.

Easy to Use

You can harvest all the data Easily in 3 simple steps. Pick A Niche, Choose The Number of Pages, Select A Speed and export your monetized videos placement list to target your competitor's ADS.

Works For Any Niche

Whether you are a blogger, CPA Marketer, E-commerce Marketer or a Affiliate Marketer, a Local Marketing Agency or a Author this will work for you.

Get started with TUBE TRON Today!






Billed monthly

  • All features for 1 PC
  • Keyword Ideator
  • Video Search
  • Analyze Channels
  • Video Information
  • Custom YouTube API
  • Billed Monthly Until Cancelled

Take The Guess Work Out of YouTube Advertising

Powerful Keyword Tool

Quickly extract auto-suggest keywords from both Google and YouTube from over 84 countries. Wildcard search is available for Google.

Powerful Channel Search

Extract videos that allow monetization from popular channels with large number of subscribers and views.

Filter Results

Filter the search results by greater than, less than or equal to for both the search videos & channel output.

Custom YouTube API Access

Follow the detailed step-by-step training to connect your custom YouTube API by creating a project in your Google API console.

View Video Information

Extract the title, description,tags, channel name, publish date, duration,view count, likes & dislikes for all the videos.

Add & Delete Campaigns

Manage all of your campaigns from your dashboard. At a glance get a quick overview of your latest keywords, videos & channels, as well as their graphical overviews.

Powerful Video Search

Using various selection criteria extract hundreds of highly viewed videos that allow monetization for a wide variety of niches.

Sort Results

Sort the search results by ascending and descending order for both the search videos & channel output. 

Export Search Results

Export search results or any of your saved placement lists in full details to a CSV file. Perfect for generating reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Tube Tron Help Me To Get Traffic?

You can use tube tron to find targeted placements to run simple YouTube ADS to get in front of millions of people and generate
highly targeted leads for as low as $.15 each.

Who Should Use Tube Tron?

Tube Tron is ideal for bloggers, CPA Marketers,E-Commerce Marketers, Affiliate Marketers,Local Marketing Agency and even authors.

What is Required to Use Tube Tron?

Tube Tron is a desktop based software.  You can install in Windows based system and in Mac using parallels for which both tutorials are provided.

Can I promote Tube Tron if I Am Just Getting Started?

Yes, Absolutely! If you have purchased Tube Tron and want to quickly get started in the affiliate marketing game, then you can request to promote the software & earn recurring revenue.

How many Computers Can I install Tube Tron?

You can install Tube Tron in A Single PC. If you want to move it to a different computer then you can reset the license as shown in the tutorial video.

Are There Any Limitations in Terms of Searches?

While the Keyword Ideator and the Video Information Module of the software have absolutely no limitations as they don't rely on YouTube API ,projects that enable the YouTube Data API have a default quota allocation of 10,000 units per day, an amount  which should be more than enough for using Tube Tron. However, using the software you can also use connect more than one API to increase the number of searches per day.

Are there any upsells?

There are no upsells. You get unlimited keyword research, unlimited video SEO information for the price you are paying for including unlimited updates. The software by itself does not restrict your YouTube API quota limits. However the YouTube Data API have a default quota allocation of 10,000 units per day per project.

Can I cancel whenever I want?

If you decide that Tube Tron is not for you, you can cancel the subscription whenever you want.

Build authentic relationships
with marketing automation.

Grow your business by building authentic relationships with marketing automation.

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